Touhou models

OMG, 2 hours of my life doing this post oO
click “read more” to see all models.

01- No.A2 Alice Margatroid
02- No.B5 Sikieiki Yamaxanadu

03- No.B6 Shizuha Aki
04- No.B7 Minoriko Aki

05- No.X1 Reimu (靈夢)
06- No.X2 Marisa

07- No.X3 Alice (ロリス)
08- No.01 Sanae Kochiya (Sailor Suit)

09- No.01 Sanae Kochiya
10- No.06 Komachi Onoduka

11- No.23 Marisa Kirisame
12- No.26 Patchouli Knowledge

13- Sikieiki Yamaxanadu (3 sizes) normal, chibi…

14- No.C4 Utsuho Reiuji
15- No.06 Komachi Onoduka (Lite Version)

16- No.A7 Wriggle Nightbug
17- No.A0 Letty Whiterock

18- No.30 Koakuma and No.80 Koakuma (glases)

19- Sanae Kochiya (3 sizes and clothes) normal, chibi…

20- last. Remilia Scarlet

Download: Mediafire
Use 7-ZIP to extract 😀


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